Special formats

Creative displays

Creative displays are LED displays which are not conform to standards in shape and size. Because a "normal" rectangular display is not always the best choice. Due to the free design, it becomes a creative object and guarantees a even higher attention!
Each is unique and is made individually according to customer requirements. For example, individual letters but also curved or even round and spherical shapes are possible.

Apart from standard formats, there are high demands on the technical requirements for implementation. However, based on our experience, we have still been able to find the optimal solution.


Media facades

Through media façades, buildings transform into gigantic screens, making their content visible at great distances and visible to many people at the same time.

Since the distance between the viewer and the facade is relatively large, a correspondingly large distance between the individual points of light can be used. This in turn means that the media façade is almost invisible when switched off and the facade thus retains its appearance. If there are offices or shops in behind, the view to the outside is hardly limited.

When implementing a variety of options to choose from, for example, individual pixels on carrier cables but also the direct integration in facade elements such as sunblinds etc.