Historic building meets modern architecture
For about 100 years on the Kreil square the paper factory Samum did exist. It was one of Vienna´s first reinforced concrete buildings and therefore also an industrial heritage. With the acquisition of the later supermarket by Interspar, Austria´s biggest real estate developer and shopping centre operator, plans matured to develop something new and unprecedented.

Special format creative display
The now so-called Q19 is an perfect example for integrating displays and the technology into a facade. One of the most important issues was to avoid restricting the visions from inside to outside.
To achieve this, we had to integrated the complete LED technology into the horizontal sunshading louvres.
Although there is now a larger vertical pitch of 250 mm, together with the small horizontal pitch of 50mm and the longer main viewing distance from the square, we could achieve an excellent visual result with a high visibility while maintaining a high transparency.

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