Luminous ceiling Euro Plaza

The Euro Plaza is a business park in Vienna with over 20 hectares of usable space and location for numerous international companies such as Microsoft, Sony or HP.

In cooperation with architect Anja Nickel, the luminous ceilings of the entrance lobbies of buildings A, B and C were converted from fluorescent tubes to LED technology.

The most obvious difference, of course, is the even illumination, which was also the primary goal. Additionally, the light ceiling is now virtually maintenance-free which means that no more glass panels have to be dismantled to replace the bulbs.

An additional daylight-dependent brightness control was installed for the 69 to 102 m2 ceilings. The special feature is that the light ceiling is not completely dimmed, but in certain zones. This means that more light can be provided in the rear areas than e.g. right next to the windows is needed.

Partner Link: Anja Nickel