A futuristic, mushroom-shaped light sculpture is placed in the heart of newly built 400 sqm large hair and beauty parlor. Inspired by the "tree of souls" from James Cameron´s "Avatar" blockbuster movie, we took the call of designing and solving the technical challenges of this very special project.

One of the most difficulties was to integrate an effective lighting system into the highly complex shape of the structure, which also stands out with it´s high quality Corian surface. Being of circular shape with over 7m diameter on the top, it narrows then to an elliptic shape in the middle before it widens again at the base. Also the base is placed off-centre, which creates a much more dynamic view, but on the other hand made it much more difficult to distribute the light sources evenly and to design the suitable control system.

In total now over 4000 of our triple RGB pixels with 1 Watt of power were used, all of them individually controllable and arranged at a bespoke subconstruction.

The special design of the light scenes now creates captivating lightshows with a seamless 360° three-dimensional vision.

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EGGER3 Hair.Beauty.Relax
Conceptlicht Fa. Mittelberger GmbH
Hasenkopf Holz+Kunststoff GmbH & Co. KG

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