Power Tower

Passive high-rise with 100.000 LEDs
The facade of the 70 m high Power Tower in Linz/Austria is with almost 650sqm one of the largest solar power stations in Austria. The energy saving aspect plays the dominant role in this building, and this is underlined by using the most advanced Led technology. In total we have designed and built over 700 linear luminaires with over 100.000 LEDs in total, adding up to lengths of more than 2.500 m. But due to the up-to-date technology, power consumption of the complete facade lighting is only 1.400 W!

Integration and operation performances
One of the most important points was not to destroy the design of the facade surface by just mounting some lights onto the walls.

Therefor we had to design and manufacture luminaires with a very small footprint; additionally, we have also used a special sealing material and matched it´s colour exactly to the colour of the facade. On top of this, the luminaires were imbedded flat into the facade so that they are completely invisible even if you are standing very close to the building.

All lights were integrated and mounted into the facade elements already at the facade builder´s factory, making installation on site very quick and easy!

Various artists have created different shows especially for this building, making the whole facade a dynamic or smooth piece of light art. And also to recall these different shows is very easy: one just needs to check the preview pictures on the screen and then press one button.

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