Museum of Arts Basel

Red Dot Award 2016 Grand Prix "Spatial Communication"
Media Architecture Biennale Award 2016 "Animated Architecture"

Statement by the Red Dot Award Jury: "The light frieze media facade of the Kunstmuseum Basel fascinates with poetic expression based on the sophisticated interplay of form, architecture and light. Harmonising with the material of stone, the effect of constantly changing grey and white emerges as the daylight changes. The changing typographical message thus created lends the building high visual appeal"

This Swiss museum is the home of one of the most important art collections in Europe. The space of the area had now been extended for 2500sqm.

The "Light Frieze", which is 3m high and encircles the building in 12m height, displays elegantly text and graphics on the monolithic walls made of grey bricks. As an integral part of the architecture, the lights are placed within the specially formed grooves, staying completely invisible while illuminationg this shadow gap precisely with white LEDs.

For this project we have developed a bespoke pixel controlled linear luminaire with a height of only a few millimeters to fit into the gap. All the given parameters like size, power, cable length etc. were extremely challenging criterias for the design and the production of the lights. In total there are now over 4500m of this item, with over 300.000 LEDs.

This type of projection proves that media façades do not always have to be loud with bright colours, but can also blend in subtly with the cityscape. 

Awards (i.a.):
Essence 16: Gold
Red Dot Award: Grand Prix "Communication Design"
Media Architecture Biennale 2016: 1st place "Animated Architecture"

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Photos 1-4: Kunstmuseum Basel, Julian Salinas
Photo 5: Kunstmuseum Basel, Stefano Graziani