Klubhaus St. Pauli


Unique: that´s what the media facade of the Klubhouse St.Pauli at the Reeperbahn right in the heart of Hamburg´s St.Pauli entertainment area really is. Millions of visitors come to the Reeperbahn every year and are fascinated by this extraordinary facade.

The facade is built up of staggered gold coloured metal frames, and this arrangement creates everchanging views for the watchers. All metal elements and of course all different lighting systems were specifically designed and built for this building. The frames consist of shade-like grids which are transparent to a high degree and enables to look outside from the rooms and also allows daylight to come in.

There are basically 2 different lighting systems built into these frames:
- an RGB Washlight at the bottom of each frame which lights the front surface of the shades, thus creating a lighted area in full colour
- a Pixel Line in between the shutter blades to replay video contents
These two elements together form the impressive Media Facade, and also the Washlights are controlled from the video content in order to produce uniform and integrated lighting scenes on the surface. Because of the proximity of residential areas right across the square a lot of attention had to be paid to minimize light immisions there, and a lot of design work was necessary to achieve this!
So we used LEDs with an elliptic directional pattern and tilted them downwards to have the highest brightness down at the square and to reduce the brightness in the parallel axis to a high extent. Addidionally a mechanical shutter was built into the Pixel Lines in order to further reduce the light immissions for the neighbourhood.


And the facade is really used extensively in this place: It is running in a 23/7 mode, so with just one hour break per day for uploading new content etc., and this is probably the ONLY city center area in Europe where this is allowed! Not only that exciting advert spots are shown, also general announcements and informations are displayed, and also Twitter messages can be transferred to the screen and create thrilling views!

For the development and detailed design of the lighting system, the close cooperation with Bartenbach and Intermediate Engineering was essential, and also the valuable inputs from Urban Screen and Akyol Kamps Architects.


Media Architecture Biennale 2016, 1. Platz "Money Architecture"

Partner Links:
Bartenbach GmbH
Intermediate Engineering GmbH

Timo Weis Restlichtfotografie
Markus Pavlowsky | Photography