Museum Angerlehner

The light installation, designed by the well-known Austrian light artist Waltraut Cooper consists of 5 vertical lines of light. Each of them is about 10m long and brings a strong and unique momentum to the black metal facade.

Four of these lines are situated at the rear corner and have white light only, and the brightness can be controlled according to the ambience brightness. The line right at the main entrance uses a full-colour RGB light system and allows the full spectrum of single colours and also dynamic colour changes.

All LED Lines are fully sealed acryllic lights, thus creating an absolutely homogeneous lighted surface without any hot spots or shades. Besides of these optical highlights, the units are also protected from all weather conditions and from mechanical damages.

The lighting of the museum was very positively received at the opening and by all visitors with adding a certain edge to the very clean and strict design of the building. 

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