Tower 185

After 10 years, the Tower 185 added a new skyscraper to Frankfurt´s skyline. This new 200m high office tower is the fourth highest building in Germany. From the horseshow-shaped base building the 50 storey high tower rises, and its glass Rotunda is covered surrounded by an aluminium-glass facade.

From the floors #1 to #49 over 750 so-called Rotunda Lights were installed. These custom built white-light luminaires use a magnetic holder system for fitting them directly to the facade´s edge inside each floor.

At the building´s head, there are 70 vertical light lines, each of them 15m long, and built from 10 single units.

Furthermore there are 3 horizontal lines at the very top of the building. These are also made as fully sealed acryllic lights like all the other lights on the building; but the challenge was the rounded shape of the tower´s head: with this, each of the 90m long lines had to be carefully precision fitted to the the curved forms of the construction.

Each two of all the lights in each floor and the vertical lines can be controlled and dimmed individually.
Many different lighting scenes with various patterns and sequences can be recalled via the main building control system.

Another highlight was the High Striker which we had specifically developed and which was temporary installed for the opening. This unit and it´s stunning lighting effect was used as an entry to the Luminale Festival but mainly as an attraction to collect donations for charity. The stronger you did strike with the massive wooden hammer, the higher the lights went up the facade of the tower! And this proved to be a real show stopper, with a lot of media attention and reports on TV!

Markus Pavlowsky | Photography
Timo Weis Restlichtfotografie

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