Raiffeisen Tower

This 78m high tower is located at the former seat of the OPEC headquarter at the Danube Canal right in the heart of Vienna.

The elegant and sophisticated facade lighting uses 5200 lighted glass panes and 114 vertical light lines for the night design of the building with its 22 floors.
A total of over 350.000 LEDs are used for this, and amplify the highly energy efficient design of the passive house high rise which sets new standards in terms of environmental protection and energy preservation.

The outer facade cover consists of vertical parallel slanted glass panes, and their front edges are lit with linear Led elements from the rear side of the glass. Visually, this creates a thin line of light all along the front edge of the glass, leaving the glass pane itself virtually unlit. A group of 6 of these glass panes can be controlled together, and the smooth dimming feature allows to create patterns, moving scenes and sequences on the facade.

In order to avoid a long and costly installation on site, our lights were delivered to the facade building company STRABAG and already fitted into the pre-fabricated facade elements at their factory.
With this not only the facade installation could be carried out very quickly and easily, also the complete cabling for power and control could be pre-assembled and tested, and to connect them on site was only a matter of plugging the items together then.

At the top of the building which houses the conference area, 114 pieces of 5m long vertical Light Lines were installed on the facade walls. Each of these Light Lines are controlled with 2 channels, therefor allowing to create a wide range of different lighting scenes and smooth moves of the light.

But not only the facade lighting has been integrated into the building´s lighting concept: there are also 2 illuminated LED signs, 2.6x2x6m wide mounted on the top of the building. One of them has even been built in a curved version, following the swing of the facade. The brightness of both signs is controlled together with the facade lights to create an integrated impression of the whole site.

This lighting concept with its soft white light underlines and emphasizes the curved lines of the building and makes it perfectly visible at night without being obtrusive.

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