Metro Stations Baku

Metro Station 1

Located very prominently along the highway which leads from the city centre to the airport, the new Metro Station in shape of a three-sided glass pyramid catches the attention of all vehicles and passengers driving by.

For each one of the more than 300 single glass elements which form the pyramid we have installed one of our SLO Single Line High Power Wallwashers in full-colour RGB, totalling over 10.000 high power Leds.
For this, the lengths of each luminaire have been adapted to match exactly the lengths of the relevant glass pane side. The result is that the lights are colouring and lighting the full glass area and the adjacent metal frames which results in a very even and homogenous light all over each element.
Because all lights can be individually controlled, it is even possible to present text on the surface like the big "M" for Metro or other running messages.

Metro Station 2

Because of the most positive comments on the first Metro station, we were awarded to upgrade also a second one right on the city´s wall of Baku´s Old Town in the centre of the city.
Contrary to the first one, this one was an existing station and fully in operation which meant that we had to arrange our works along with the Metro authorities and to coordinate with the traffic and the passengers.

The main construction lines are very similar to the other station, but here we have also a seperate impressive entrance portal. Especially the contrast between the century-old city walls and the most modern design with the impressing lighting makes this building stand out and turns it into a highlight. 

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