Friedrich Boysen in Altensteig near Stuttgart/Germany is THE specialist for exhaust technologies with 17 sites worldwide and one of the main partners for the major car manufacturers.
For their new built development centre a futuristic glass facade had been chosen, and this facade uses an intriguing lighting system.

One of the most challenging points was to create a homogenous lighting for all the tinted glass panes on the 13m high facade. Furthermore, the facade is curved outside and not flat which makes it more difficult to achieve the required results for the lights.
To achieve this, the light has to graze each glass pane both on the top and bottom edge, but also the size of the facade increases noticably downwards.
Our solution was to install our DLO DUO LINE Wallwashers in RGBW, with different lengths between 700 to 1300mm and using over 6000 Leds in total.
Due to the high power and the flexibility in using different lenses with various beam angles, we were able to install only one row of lights at the top of the building and achieve an impressive result.


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