Welios Science Center

Zero Energy LED lighting
Energy efficiency and renewable energy are the main themes at the Welios Science Center museum. To present these ideas also on the facade, 700m of so-called "Energy-Lines", special LED-elements, were partly equiped with integrated photovoltaic panels.
The units are built exactly to blend perfectly into the facade, creating a homogeneous view of the lights. During daytime, these panels are producing more energy than needed to run the more than 40.000 RGB-LEDs of the LED lighting in the night.
Each single LED Line can be controlled individually to create smooth colour fades and shades all over the façade.

Landscape Lighting
Another special challenge were the lights for the walkways, which needed to be very thin, weatherproof, shock proof and nearly indestructible. The solution was to design and build single 400mm high acrylic blocks in which the LEDs are imbedded and fully molded.

Because of the positioning of the LEDs and the resulting diffusion of the light, the lamps not only fulfill all expectations in respect of the operative conditions but also provide perfectly homogeneous light in a housing only a few millimeters deep.

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