Eurospar Weyer

The approximately 120 m long and 1000 m2 large prolific-glazing of the newly opened Eurospar in Weyer (architects: Poppe and Prehal) is illuminated with custom-made High Power LED modules with a pixel pitch of 10 cm. For the lower entrance area LED strips with a pixel pitch of 20 cm are used. In total, about 1,100 quality LEDs were installed in this project.
Only white LEDs are used, which illuminate the actual yellow wall of the underlying thermal facade during the night. Since the gap between the façades is very narrow and difficult to access, the low-maintenance LEDs are ideal for this application. Also the outdoor suitable execution of the luminaires (protection class IP67) is an essential point, since this area is regarded as flood-endangered.


Each of the 120 cm long High Power LED lights can be individually controlled, whereby a variety of optical effects such as wave movements can be displayed.

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