Ars Electronica Center

Facade as element of interaction
The Ars Electronica Center (AEC) in Linz/Austria is wrapped up with one of the biggest light facades in Europe.
Over 1100 pieces of our SLO SINGLE LINE Wallwashers light the partly transparent, partly translucent glass panes with over 40.000 high power Leds in RGBW. The luminaires are mounted behind the front glass facade and inbetween the glass front and the building´s walls, virtually invisible on one side of the glass panes only.

Unlimited lighting scenes
Each luminaire for each glass pane is individually controllable in colour and brightness.
Because of the fast response time of the complete system with main controller, drivers and Leds, not only flowing but also quick colour changes or fast moves are displayed perfectly.

Bespoke LED luminaires
Not only the luminaires but also the drivers were specifically developed and built to perfectly blend into the building´s architecture and design.
All drivers together with over 20km of special cables were installed invisibly for the public.
The lengths of the custom made luminaires ranges from 130 to 1230mm, using between 4 and 48 high power Leds, all with special lenses which create a homogeneous light field on each glass pane.

Power consumption
This is an increasingly important topic; but the full power of the system is only needed for a short time during dawn und dusk. In the nighttime, the system is using only about 20-30% of it´s power, and so the total consumption is only between 3 to 5 kilowatt in average! 

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