Kuwait Towers

The Kuwait Towers, three former watertowers, are a national and historic monument as well as a cultural and touristical landmark in the heart of Kuwait City. The lighting system which we have developed for this reflects these facts in an impressive manner and transforms the up to 180m high towers into a piece of lighting art.

For this system, we have developed several special light solutions which were also perfectly combined and matched to create these stunning visual results. About 1450 pieces of our LEDCOM High Power LED lights had been installed directly on the towers and in pits on the ground.

But the highlights are the 3 huge and prominent spheres which were changed into playable video screens.
For this, we have used over 75000 single dots which were mounted onto a very special metal mesh subconstruction. Videos, pictures and texts can be displayed in this way with a high brightness and using over 16 million colours.

At the edge of the platform of the largest sphere a narrow video ribbon runs around the circumference. This divides the large screen area into two halves and creates an additional accent.

In the uppermost sphere an array of six larger pixels have been mounted onto the nodes of the glas-steel construction. From the large viewing distance this array appears like one pixel with a very large area. 

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