Funicular Baku

Sleeve of steel and light

The Funicular in Baku´s centre runs from the bottom of the hills up to the famous Flame Tower buildings, Baku´s most prestiguous landmark. From the 2 stations, top and valley, the top terminal looks even more impressive because of it´s T-shaped design.

Characteristical for both stations are the futuristic arched forms of the steel-and-glass constructions with their reticular design. In order to accentuate this we have installed modified versions of our DLO Dual Line High Power Wallwashers along the main carrier beams of the structures.

These light are now highlighting both the metal frame as well as the glass cover and let the stations appear delicate and filigree despite of the massive dimensions. All the lights are full colour versions with additional white Leds to make use of an extended colour space.

On the bases of the metal structure we are using additional luminaires which light upwards along the line of the carrier beams, further underlining the elegant lines of the construction.

In total we have over 200 luminaires on site, all controlled via Artnet DMX and a dedicated server. In this was, the funicular now connects up the Coastal Boulevard, one of the longest in Europe, with the hillside of the Flame Towers in a most intriguing way and let´s one watch the spectacular views of the pulsating city.

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